The Silver Lining that Finally Shined Through the Shit Storm

You guys. YOU GUYS. It happened today. I had today off, thankfully, as recommended by my psychiatrist. It was the first day I’ve had in MONTHS that I haven’t been stressed out, paranoid, angry, or on the verge of tears. I spent the morning watching History of the World: Part 1 (1981) by Mel Brooks, made myself … More The Silver Lining that Finally Shined Through the Shit Storm

The Little Engine That Just Can’t Even

1. The phrase “can’t even..” 2. The daily fuckery that happens with our government. 3. Whiny college (or post-college) children throwing a tantrum when they don’t like someone’s opinion that is different than their’s.  4. Stupid chants at protests. Just because it rhymes doesn’t mean you’re going to bring about change. 5. People saying they’re … More The Little Engine That Just Can’t Even

Easily Annoyed

Ok, guys, I am actually a little sorry for what I wrote on Friday. The fact that it’s only a little is because though I stand by what I said, I really didn’t mean to go on a full blown rant. I’ve been having a really shit time at my office and even the slightest … More Easily Annoyed

Everyone has friends. They may exist in real life, through social media or blogging sites, video games, or even fictional characters in a book, but they are always there. These people are there for you at many stages in your life and if you’re lucky enough, they stay forever. However, there are friends–or so you … More

Short and Sweet

I realize I haven’t been blogging as much for two reasons: A) I’m not allowed to bring my laptop to work anymore and 2) I’m not really in creative manic phase right. Both of these reasons suck.  I’m blogging right now from my phone on my lunch break which, I guess, could do the trick … More Short and Sweet