It’s Levi-OOO-sa, not Levi-o-WHEN WILL SCHOOL START?!

You guys, I am yet again living up to my real-life Hermione-ness. School starts near the end of August and I just want to go back NOOOOOWWWWW. I keep checking on class availability, planning out different schedules/ courses to take, researching books and reference material–thank you, iTunes U!!, and it’s still July. It is driving me to near madness.

I get so excited and stressed at the same time when I think about my return to academics. I can finally restore myself to being an insufferable know-it-all and NOT annoy people–ehem, James, my friends, and family. I think everyone is tired of hearing me talk about certain information and having no frame of reference. I guess they missed the class where we all turned to page 394??

I’m going to be posting a lot more when I go back to Uni, because I’m doing all online courses, so I’ll be on my laptop a lot more. Thus, all you lovely folks are going to be “entertained” by what I am learning. I can’t wait to let you know my official schedule in a few weeks!!!



Lizzy Neva

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