Guess Who Forgot Their Password?

So, since my last post, I have gotten better and am no longer feeling like I should never eat anything for fear of getting sick AND I never posted anything because I’m the dumbass who forgot her password/ got a new phone.

Yet here I return, triumphantly remembering her password an updating her new phone and bringing joy to the masses—or mostly me. I don’t know how many of you out there will still read this because I take such long absences, but here I sit, typing away on my laptop.

On a more awesome note, I am finally going back to school in the autumn. I just need to finish my Associates degree at the local community college before I can fully move onto what I lovingly call, “big girl school”. When I walked away from community college in 2011, I didn’t even bother withdrawing, I just left, not realizing that I only had about 30-something credits left until I was done. What a fucking idiot 2011 Lizzy was. Hakuna Matata.

I’m starting over in August and I am beyond excited. James even set up a desk near the window in our home so I can do my homework and have a beautiful view while I slave away. Such a wonderful man. I haven’t decided on what classes to take yet, though I’m only taking 3 this semester. My job will pay for 2 of them–minus books and lab fees–and I’m going to pay for the third. It’s actually very refreshing knowing that I’m going back and working toward changing my family’s future. I want to be a teacher so desperately, but I wouldn’t mind being a historian or museum educator either. I plan to show off one day and achieve a Master of the Arts degree in European History with a double minor in Medieval Studies and Humanities. The state where I live only requires a Bachelor’s degree and a certification to teach, but I am going to follow my mother’s example and get a Master’s. If she can do it then I know I can!!! Wish me luck!!


Also, I am proud to announce that our family has grown again. James and I adopted a beautiful little monster, Binx the Cat, in May, right after our 4-year anniversary. He is my whole furry world, but I did often think that he needed a friend at the house because James and I are gone for 8 hours a day, sometimes longer, if we have errands or something planned. So, with some persuasion, James and I have adopted a friend for Binx–and not just any friend–we adopted his brother from the litter. We have renamed him Bagheera, and though he may be timid and shy, he is actually a complete butterball and sweet. Just on his own terms. Binx loves to be picked up, kissed on the head, and doesn’t mind you just walking up and petting him; Bagheera on the other hand, prefers if you take things slowly and just let him come to you. Every now and again, you can just willingly reach out and pet him, but for the most part, he’s fine just being near you.


I am so happy for the way our family is growing and am even more excited for the years to come!!!

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