Lizzy Neva: Not-So-Unplugged

I’ve been at my new job for a few weeks and I am LOVING it. My days go by so much faster than before, I’m actually doing things during the day, and I’m learning damn near everything I can. It’s funny how even on my super slow days, the day still goes by quickly. I will have to work on trying to break some old habits from my old job though.

For example, with my old job, I always felt like I had to apologize for when I was sick, felt sick, or had multiple doctor appointments in a month. Not here. This month alone I have 5 doctor visits scheduled and my supervisor has no problem with it!! I just email her when they are to take place, what time I need to leave, and what time I’ll be back. Boom. Simple.

Also, and this really shouldn’t be a selling point, but you have no idea how much it means to me, I can use the ladies room WHENEVER I NEED TO. No longer do I have to wait for someone to cover for me and hope that if I ask nicely they’ll come over quickly. I can just get up from my desk and go. I wish this had been a thing long before my new job because I’m now suffering because of what my old office put me through.


I believe I’ve developed IBS-C. And it’s painful. Today wasn’t so bad, but yesterday through last Sunday was awful. Anytime I eat anything, I feel an incredible pressure and am completely miserable. It was so bad on Monday that I had to leave work. I’ll spare you all the rest of the details but seriously…it is the worst…whatever I’m experiencing. I have a doctor visit tomorrow to try and figure out if my self-diagnosis is correct. I’m usually pretty good at that, actually, but you never know what will come up.

All in all though, things have actually been going rather well. I haven’t been really stressed like normal, I’m sleeping well, and James and I grow stronger every day. (For those playing the home game, we’ve been married 6 months on the 28th!)

This isn’t really so much a post about anything important, funny, or has any interesting commentary on a particular subject, but I just thought I’d share some life stuff with you guys. I hope I haven’t lost any of you in my absence.

I promise my next post will be better.



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