Because of Who I Am as a Person: Part 2

You guys, I am really sorry for not posting as much anymore. Again, the downside of not being in a manic phase, for me, is that I don’t feel like writing or creating. I attempt to write, with the best intentions, and then I either hate what I’m writing or just forget about it entirely.

I’ve also been really focusing on my new job–WHICH I LOVE–and spending time with my newest addition to the family: Binx the Cat. He is a 7-month old black kitten with green eyes. He loooooovvves to cuddle and watch movies and honestly, that is the best kind of a kitten for me because, I, too, love to do these things.

James and I are also spending more and more time together. Yes, we see our friends when time and money allow, but I really love being able to just come home and be with my best friend/husband.

I will really really try to get back into blogging on the regular, setting aside time for myself each night to work on something. So, as before, stay tuned and stay with me.


Love you all,

Lizzy Neva xoxoxo

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