I’m Not Saying it was Aliens…

There are things in this world, and galaxy for that matter, that we as humans just can not explain. Theories are endless and solid evidence is little or hard to come by. We rely on statements from the witness or from outside sources, but how reliable are those?? Those who have had these other worldly experiences swear by their stories, even providing photographic proof to support their claims when available. Some have been found to be true and non-tampered photos while others are down right fakes. Nessie and Big Foot are often the most contested of the supernatural world.

I have always been a big believer in the supernatural: ghosts, aliens, Loch Ness Monster, and most importantly, Big Foot. I’ve also had my fair share of experiences. Believe me or not, there are things out there that just don’t make sense. Another debatable issue are the happenings that are connected to religion: possessions and the stigmata. Most of these are easily proven to be something else; mental disabilities, self harm, and down right lying being the most common explanations. HOWEVER, despite all the fakes out there, you do get the occasional case that is just beyond reason.

I have had a few experiences myself that have always stuck with me. I used to think I was crazy, that I had imagined these things, and that this wasn’t anything I needed to tell anyone for fear of being locked away in the funny farm. I remember all of these moments very clearly and will never forget any of them. Get ready for some stories.

  1. When I was a very young girl, growing up in Alabama, we built our house we lived in and that was the only residence I knew for 14 years. Nothing out of the ordinary really, but certain things would happen every now and then that I just couldn’t explain. One of my first memories of noticing weird things happened a lot in the living room of my house, before my dad’s dad passed away and then again after he had passed. I was sitting in the living room, reading or watching TV, that part is fuzzy, but I noticed a mass or sorts floating back towards by bedroom. The strange things were this: the first one I saw was a blue color and I didn’t feel alarmed or worried at all watching it float towards my room, but the second time I saw this happen I was terrified. This floating shape was black and seemed to hover near me for longer than necessary; it was almost like it was staring at me!! It slowly crept towards my bedroom and only when it was out of my sight was I able to move again. I never chased after or went into my room after I saw either thing. I didn’t want to know what would happen if I did. Especially after seeing the black shape. It was hard to sleep in my room for a few nights afterwards.
  2. Another incidence at my house happened when I was a little bit older, but still in primary school. I was in the yard with my dad, he was near his workshop in the backyard and I was in the carport, attempting to play basketball. Suddenly, everything became kind of quiet, even the sound of my dad’s lawnmower had faded out. I had a feeling that I needed to look up and when I did, I saw a oblong silver shape in the sky. There were no clouds that day and it was extremely bright outside. I couldn’t stop looking at this silver shape. It wasn’t moving. It was just stuck in the sky and I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. I felt almost a pull to keep staring at it. It still wasn’t moving, though it did seem to get bigger in size. Finally, for some reason, I was able to look away and I yelled to my dad to look up too, but it was gone.
  3. Your brain is a funny thing. It can remember the most random things as well as forget things in the same stroke. Other times, you go through something and the brain forces you to block it out until something jogs your memory and forces you to relive whatever the moment was. Now, I had never really blocked out what happened, but it took me a long while to fully remember everything. I had to have been about 5 or 6 years old and I remember going to bed that night, but then waking up and not being in my room. I was in a dark vessel (that part is hard to find a word for…I don’t want to use the word space ship..) and there were switches and buttons glowing everywhere. I remember climbing up stairs further into wherever I was and hearing voices that definitely weren’t my parent’s. There was a humming sound in the background of all of this and when I had reached the top of the stairs, my mind went blank. I woke up in the morning in my room with an odd feeling. That couldn’t have been a dream, I said to myself. For days afterwards, I felt sick and not myself and every time I thought about the incident, the humming would return in my ears.
  4. I moved to Florida in 2005 to start my junior year of high school. I made very little friends, but the ones I did have were always fun to hang out with, particularly the girl who would later be my best friend before our falling out 7 or 8 years later. I had lived in my new city for about 2 months and my friend decided it was time to go to the scariest place in town, seeing that I loved ghosts and weird things, she thought I would love it. There was a building in my city that had once been a tuberculosis hospital and then later a mental institution. It had been abandoned for years and was a very popular place for kids to sneak into, homeless people to live in, and for rumours to spread about it being haunted by the ghosts of the consumption victims and the mental patients that had once lived and died there. I went with my new friend one night to this shell of a building. She said that it was almost like a right of passage for everyone in town to go inside. The elevators were death traps, the basement was flooded, there were padded rooms, and toys from the children who lived there still scattered about. At least that’s what I had heard. I never made it in the building. I was walking across a road that hadn’t been finished yet with my friend and suddenly stopped in the middle of the road. I couldn’t move. Something about the building itself made me very uneasy. It wasn’t the fact that we were trespassing. It wasn’t the fact that the building could hold murdering homeless people or the fact that we could get cancer from the asbestos that the building was built with. All of these things didn’t matter. What did matter was that the building felt evil, like it was holding onto decades of anger and that no one should go in. Bad things will happen. I told my friend that I just couldn’t go and that I would wait for at the car. She naturally called me a wimp and said that there was nothing to worry about. I was not about to have my new life end with a horror movie cliche. Buildings, much like people, can hold onto bad memories and I didn’t want to relieve any of the memories it didn’t want to let go. And I could tell that building didn’t want me to come inside.
  5. Flash forward to the summer. I had moved to Florida but was visiting friends back in Alabama for the weekend. My best friend from my hometown was now in college and decided to take me to a party. The party was at a house in the historic district of my hometown and was widely known to be haunted. My sister, Paige, had been to some parties at this house and told me about some of the creepy things that had happened to some of her friends when she was in high school. The house belonged to the senior English teacher at my old high school. I went with my friend and was having a good time. The house was beautiful on the inside, had a kitchen in the basement, and had a third floor. While at the party, I noticed that the English teacher was redoing some rooms and all of the paintings had been stacked against a wall in the front room, under some windows. They were all facing painting side up. There had to be 50 or so paintings in total, ranging in size from large to small. I lost track of my friend at some point and went to go find him. The house did make me feel uneasy but I brushed it off as I was just nervous being around people I didn’t know and having had my first two alcoholic drinks ever. I looked all around the bottom floors and the basement, but couldn’t find him and I decided to take the stairs to the upper floors. As I went up the stairs, I stopped on the second landing and felt the need to look to my left at the paintings. Again, remember, there are a lot of paintings against the wall with heavy frames on some. I felt a little chilly going up the stairs, being that it was the summer I didn’t think much about it.. maybe they had the A/C running? I continued upstairs and found my friend. I said I wanted to leave because of something that happened (that’s a different story all together and for a different time) and that I was going to wait for him on the front porch. I went back down the stairs, again stopping on the second landing and now looking to my right. All of the paintings were flipped with the paper backing now facing the front. There was no way that anyone could’ve come in, flipped all of those paintings in the same place they had been, and then left. Everyone was either outside, in the basement, or on the third floor. I had only been upstairs for less than 2 or 3 minutes. I felt the chill again as I was coming down the final steps and decided that it was probably for the best to wait outside. That may not be much of a story, I know, but it was definitely something that freaked me out.
  6. Years later I moved into a house with my boyfriend, his best friend and his girlfriend, and his best friend’s brother and his girlfriend. It wasn’t exactly the living situation I wanted, but it was my first time living away from my parents so I jumped at the chance to do it. The house we moved into belonged the brother’s father. The father had let his son’s friend’s use it when they were in bands that traveled to and from my city when on tour. Before moving in, one of the brothers told us that is was haunted and I just laughed. Friends of the brother’s who had stayed in the house had said the same things, but I still was skeptic of this. The things that went bump in the night were probably going to be the eldest brother and his girlfriend having sex or coming home incredibly drunk. One day, I was getting ready in the bathroom I shared with the youngest brother. I was fixing my hair and heard a knock on the door and woman’s voice say “Come in!” It was a cheerful voice and I thought it was one of the other girls in the house. The only that puzzled me was why would they say come in? We all left our doors open all the time unless the deed was being done. I walked out of the bathroom and looked into the first bedroom off the hall, no one there. I walked into the living room and saw my boyfriend and the eldest brother talking over the loud music that was playing. I asked if the eldest brother’s girlfriend was home and who had said come in. Neither my boyfriend nor the brother had heard anything and said I was the only girl in the house. A few weeks later, my parent’s were having a cookout and my aunt was there and her friend from high school, who I had been told was a medium. I had never met this woman before so I went to introduce myself and the first thing out of her mouth was, “You need to move.” I asked why and she explained that there two things in my house: One was a young woman named Margaret and she liked me. She also had a particular ‘obsession’ with the front door. The other was something that this woman couldn’t name, but said that it was not a nice spirit and that it DID NOT want me there and that it had been somewhat following me. That was a little weird. Weeks later, I’m home by myself, in my room reading, and I hear the living room TV click on. I thought someone had come home so I went out to say hey. No one there. No car in the driveway except mine. I turned the TV off and went back to my room. Not even 15 minutes later, the TV clicks back on again and on a different channel. I turned it off again and ran back to my room, locking the door. A week or two passes since the TV incident, and now it’s 3am (which is never a good hour) and I need to pee. To not wake anyone, I leave the hallway light off and start to head to the bathroom. The whole time walking down the hallway, I felt extremely uneasy and like I was being watched or followed. I made into the bathroom and did my business and made my way back out and then stopped dead still. Up near the ceiling of the hallway, which mind you is dark, there was that black mass again. This time it was bigger and definitely more menacing. It was not happy with me. I pressed myself against the opposite wall, scooching myself down the hallway until I could get back to my room. I ran back in and shut the door and told my boyfriend we’re moving out tomorrow.


Those six instances make me seem like I’m crazy or just seeing things, but to me they were very real and very frightening. I’ve tried telling a few people about the things I had seen but let’s just say that I don’t have many friends who are believers in the paranormal. Unfortunately, I have never seen or been able to capture a glimpse of the elusive Big Foot, of whom I am a big believer, but I am hopeful for that one day if I am ever in the Pacific Northwest. The same can be said for Nessie if I ever find myself in Scotland.


Do you have any weird or unexplained stories that you’d like to share? I’m always down to hear new stories of the paranormal or the just plain old strange.

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