Meet and Greet: The Try Not to Hurl Edition

First off, I never really updated you, my lovely followers, about how my interview went. My bad, guys. It went extremely well in my opinion and I felt like I had knocked it out of the park for the World Series win. I was reading all of my interviewers facial expressions and body language and got a good read from 3 of them, but the 4th interviewer was a little difficult; he had a great poker face. I left that Friday feeling confident, but not overly so just in case I didn’t get the position.

And then today came. The Force must be strong with me today: my outfit is on point, my makeup is looking fly AF, and most of all, I got a callback from the main interviewer. According to her, I am their top candidate. However, before they can go through with the hiring paperwork, the freaking DEPUTY DIRECTOR of the division wants to have coffee with me as a meet-and-great type of deal before things can really get set in motion.

I probably shouldn’t’ve done this, but I told a few people at my office whom I trust as well as telling my family members. I was just very excited. This is the only social media post I will make about it until things are official though. (You lucky folks!!)

I’m still somewhat shaking from the phone calls I’ve received this morning. I REALLY want this job and I don’t want to make a poor impression on the Deputy Director, especially knowing that I am that division’s top candidate. They really see something in me and I don’t want to disappoint them but mostly I don’t want to disappoint myself.


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