Chutes and Ladders Bipolar

I have never heard the Chutes and Ladders analogy for Bipolar Disorder, having used the comparison of a swing set as a way to explain it to people out there that don’t have any clue as to what people like myself go through.

This post is another perfect description of what it feels like, ESPECIALLY the final paragraph, when I try to explain my mood swings to my mostly normal and loving husband, James.

Please check it out!! Knowledge is power.


Source: Chutes and Ladders Bipolar

3 thoughts on “Chutes and Ladders Bipolar

    1. Of course! I definitely agree with you on that choice of description and how things just rise and fall–sometimes in the same day. I often try to explain this to my husband, and there are days where he totally understands, but other days he just misses the mark. Other people in my life do this as well: one day they get it and the next the don’t. It’s a hard thing to grasp unless you’ve spent a lot time with the person with BPD or you yourself have it too.


      1. It really is. I’ve kind of been thinking about it recently in this way. As a white person there is no way I can ever really truly know the experience of a black person. I can know facts and apply logic, but there’s no way I can ever walk in their shoes.

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