Meme Queen: James

My husband is a big fan of memes and from time to time, he posts one that is, for lack of a better word: perfect. 


I must admit that I did get a good laugh out of this. But then a stroke of genius occurred to me and I found a perfect reply: 

When your parents ask where all the Jews and Heretics went? 

Memes, like certain trolls, are meant to turn things on their metaphorical ear. If we can’t make fun of anything then everything will cease to be funny. Nothing should be off limits when it comes to comedy**.

That is to say we shouldn’t forget what has taken place before, but we shouldn’t wallow in the horrors of the past nor use it as a crutch as for why we shouldn’t move on or move forward. 
**note: the death of children, i.e The Sandy Hook shooting. No. Do not make jokes about that. And if you do, fuck you. 

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