Easily Annoyed

Ok, guys, I am actually a little sorry for what I wrote on Friday. The fact that it’s only a little is because though I stand by what I said, I really didn’t mean to go on a full blown rant. I’ve been having a really shit time at my office and even the slightest things have been setting me off.

I feel like my boss hates me. I hate my job. I’ve applied to countless other jobs and haven’t heard anything back. However, that woman I mentioned in my post has ALWAYS annoyed me and it usually gets worse when I’m about to start my period (personally, I think she plans it that way…but that could just be me overthinking things—which is a common occurrence).

I’m really trying to focus on things that make me happy and doing things that relax me or get me out of my house, but with all this weight and hatred for my job, it’s increasingly hard to find that ray of metaphorical sunshine. James says I need a hobby or to start reading again, but the hobbies I want to pursue cost money and I just haven’t felt like picking up a book in a while. Both of those reasons make me feel worse, but I do have one glimmer of hope on the horizon: going back to school.

My current job will pay for me to go back and finish what I started in 2007, BUT I have to wait until 2 weeks before registration, I can only take 1 to 2 classes per semester, and those classes have to be offered online or after 5pm when I get off work. I’m worried that the classes I need to finish school will only be offered during the day and there isn’t even a chance of it being online. I’m still going to hold out hope though. I would love to finish school and go onto being a history teacher with a minor in humanities or art history. That’s my dream. Preferably, I would like to teach either high school or junior college…but seeing as how the current public schooling situation is going on, not only in the state I live in, but the country, I may end up (hopefully) teaching at private school or running a homeschool out of my house. I do feel awful about choosing the private school option, because I was brought up in the public school system, but seeing the way these schools focus on only passing standardized tests to give the school money and giving student athletes essentially a free ride to build up the school’s reputation, I do really think a private school would be the better option.

What are your thoughts on the school systems? It doesn’t matter which country you’re from, I would like to hear about it. How was your education when you were growing up?

Bonus question for an extra 10 points: How do you feel where you work? Do you enjoy your job and what you do? I would like to hear your thoughts and opinions!!

4 thoughts on “Easily Annoyed

  1. I read a fellow blogger’s post about how school takes the joy out of learning. I liked school when I was in school and that was what I was “supposed” to do but looking back, I wish I could have saved myself the headache. I have Bachelor’s degree that sits on the shelf, not helping me at all. I work for a small business that has a niche market in the manufacturing world and it was never something I could see myself doing but I was desperate for the low stress hours and more pay. I like it for now but I know it’s not forever so I’m taking steps to add to my skill set without spending thousands of dollars so I have something else in my pocket when this place grows old. (sorry for the long reply, haha)

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    1. The long reply is TOTALLY appreciated and welcomed here, darlin! School, for me, was a refuge and a prison all in one most days. I hated going to college but now I regret that I just stopped going and am super excited to go back. I want to get a Master’s degree and I want to be able to get James and I into a better spot financially–not that he doesn’t work, but extra money never hurts nowadays!!! I feel like a lot of people in our generation of degrees that worked for a certain time and are now obsolete, which is very disheartening to me. Just keep pushing, and I swear something better will come along.

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      1. That is what I try to tell myself everyday as I sit at my thankless job. One day I will hold a Master’s degree in European History and will (hopefully) make a difference in student’s lives. And at the least, I’ll have summers off.

        Kisses, sweet one. Keep pushing along. Great things for you always!

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