Fuck Your Religious BS

Full disclosure: I wrote this yesterday at work because I just CAN NOT stand this certain employee, who not only goes on and on about religion, but also not-so-subtley throws massive amounts of shade my way in almost any way she can. She knows this irritates me and she also knows that there is nothing I can do about it.

I normally do not do this, because though I am an atheist, I do understand that people have the right to believe whatever the hell they want (I’m looking at you, Pastafarians), but I find it completely ridiculous and offensive (Yes, I know everyone in my generation is “offended” by basically everything, but this is actually offensive and not OK in the workplace) that some employees at my office just openly talk about religion, being saved, how they are a servant of god, and quote the bible on a daily basis. Now, I guess that would somewhat ok, if you did it privately or in someone’s office who shares the same sentiments as you, but DO NOT do it in front of desk..in the middle of the lobby..in front of guests–OR ME.

If I was to bring in, let’s say, a statuette of Baphomet, people would lost their shit. Complaints would be made, judgements passed–which isn’t very Christian of them–and I’d be told to take it down. And of course you can’t go to HR and complain about the Christians doing this because then it brings religious activist groups and the whole freedom of religion thing into play. The fucking double standard. I wish I didn’t have to basically hide what I “believe” or lack thereof in the workplace for fear of coworkers treating me differently.

Furthermore, since I am talking about how silly and somewhat “unfair” the workplace can be, having tattoos or wildly colored hair, this shouldn’t be an issue in this day and age. I don’t see how having, let’s say, purple hair would be deemed unprofessional as long as I do my job correctly? Along these same lines, I am not even allowed to wear a small, nostril-hugging hoop or I will be sent home. I fully understand that my septum piercing might be a little much for guests and I’m fine with wearing outside of work because that’s what I do normally, but my point remains that this is ridiculous. What SHOULD matter is my work ethic, if I’m polite to others, if I don’t come into work wearing clothes not meant for the work setting, if I look like am well put together, and am overall an easy person to work with. What doesn’t matter is my lack of religious beliefs, the fact that I have tattoos that are easily concealed, or what fucking color my hair may be.

Ok. I’ve said my piece. I’ll get off my soapbox, put my head down, and silently trudge through the day.

Rant over. Thanks for reading.

4 thoughts on “Fuck Your Religious BS

    1. I mostly agree with this. There are SOME in the older generation that are down with changes in the way things are done, both with religion and in the workplace, but it is the majority of the older generation that can just take that shit somewhere else. Bill Maher has even said that atheists need to stop hiding and be more present in both the workplace AND in politics. America was built on the separation of church and state…but what it has devolved into is television pastors, megachurches, and stupidity. I know that I live in a country with “rights” and “freedoms” but sometimes I do wish that maybe we hadn’t of won the Revolutionary War. OR that I could board a plane to Heathrow and never look back.


      1. It’s sad that people feel the need to hide and honestly I don’t blame them because people are so violent nowadays so you never know what reaction you’re going to get. What America was built on in regards to church and state is all bs. Big Christian pastors are stealing people’s money in the name of God. Ernest angley is one of those for starters. I second the boarding a plane. The grass isn’t that green here imo. America has become overrated in the last 10 years or so.

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      2. I feel that America truly lost its appeal during, and most definitely after, Vietnam. Reagan was also a major dissapointment–even though I wasn’t even alive for that–but I’d say it has been going down hill for about 40-something years. I know the real history of why white people moved to America, for money, and not so much the reason we’re fed in schools: because of religious persecution. America is a lie, if you want my honest opinion. With the current presidential situation we’re in, I feel that even one of our most treasured “rights”, freedom of speech, is bs. What we have is the freedom to praise Dictator Trump, but when met with opposition, he resorts to name calling and blaming his inabilities on others. He is a fucking petulant child. UGHHH…I’m sorry…I can go on and on.

        Sorry for my long reply, but I would truly take less than greener grass any day.


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