Best Little Party in Florida

I had to work until 5pm EST yesterday because I am adult with bills and an online shopping addiction. After work, however, was when the festivities could begin. James and I went dinner at my parents house and my mother only annoyed me a few times. Thank goodness we all stopped her from singing; and it was nice to have a home-cooked meal with the family.  My aunt, Ann, was also in town, and she made me my favourite cake. I requested no candles this year because it would look like the Burning of Atlanta.

James and my family surprised me with an actual tea set. James gave me tea cups and my clan presented with me with a cream and sugar set. They did this WITHOUT planning it–believe me, I asked. It was perfectly unexpected!! You see, I have always not-so-secretly wanted to be British. I feel a proper tea set is a jumping off point. The end goal of course is to become a British citizen.

After family time, James and I headed towards the “young professional, non college scene” area of town for a few drinks with my recently acquired (this makes them sound like Pokémon..but whatever) lady friends and was also surprised that the bartender who was working last night was a lady friend whom I haven’t seen since Christmas! So all in all it was actually a gathering of 3 of my favourite Pokémon. We all had about 2 drinks each, and of course a birthday shot of Jameson for myself, but mostly sat outside talking and catching up. It was a very laid back evening and I even got to talk Boy Meets World with a complete stranger!!! The only embarrassing part of the night was when I saw a friend of mine–who is just TOO beautiful to be allowed–walking by I went to say hello and lit a cigarette on the wrong end. Honestly, though, if that is my only dumb ass moment of the evening, then I am doing a-ok.

It was probably the best somewhat sober birthday I’ve had since I moved to this city 12 years ago. Granted, I’ve been told my 19th was quite the shindig. I don’t remember much after the 5 or 6th Birthday Shot with a PBR back, but from what it sounded like, it was a party  for the ages.

It is also very refreshing to me that I have such lovely friends and an even lovelier husband who understand that I do get WAY too excited  when I’m around people and start talking at a rapid pace but still love my socially awkward ass no matter what. James is a big help because he comes and puts his arm around me, holds my hand, or something to that effect when he sees that I’m getting jazzed up/ uncomfortable. He even started drinking the rest of my drink for me just so I wouldn’t have a rough day at work today. Not to be overly mushy, but you guys, my husband is my perfect weirdo.

Basically, I had a wonderful night. 28 really is looking great.

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