My Early Birthday Present

I know I mostly write about certain topics and throw in little things here and there about myself that relate to what I’m writing about but I am a real person and I do other things besides answer phones and write pretty nifty posts. I have a husband. I am incredibly socially awkward and I do enjoy a good laugh, self-deprecating humor is my specialty.

So here’s a true story about something that happened to me today. It really was the highlight of my boring work day.

Picture It: Walgreens Pharmacy at 5:30pm EST

There’s one of these on my way home and I stopped there today to grab a pack of cigarettes. I walked in and decided that I also wanted a canned drink. I was just walking past the cash register and then everything happened in slow motion. I’m in heeled booties, mind you, and it has been raining all day. My right foot decided to slip sideways and underneath me at the same time and I did a spectacular and Olympic diving team-worthy swan dive onto the floor. What makes this better is that when I landed I literally said, “Aaaannnd I’m on the ground.”

The cashier quickly got to me and helped me off the ground, asking many times if I was ok. There was definitely a hint of “Please don’t sue us” in his voice. I was fine and said that I hoped I at least fell gracefully (I didn’t.) The only things I really broke were a nail and my pride. No biggie.


Tomorrow is my 28th birthday and if this is any indication of how my 28th year on this planet will go, then I am glad I at least still have my sense of humor and my husband who, thankfully, didn’t laugh when I told him this story.

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