Why Can’t You Let Me Rot In Peace?

In honor of me being sick today, I dedicate this post to all the movies I turn to when I am stuck at home.

We all have favourite, go-to movies that we watch when we’re under the weather. I am going to assume that EVERYONE’S number one movie is The Princess Bride (1987). A true gem of a film, this movie is not only perfect for when you’re “out with the sick” but as a go-to movie for all occasions. With its wonderful casting and its timeless quotes, I give this movie 5/5 coughs.

Best damn kissing book of your life, Fred Savage.

I always have to resist the urge to write this on the “My Name is..” badges

It’ll take a miracle to not laugh at this movie.

Second on the list, which I admit was very hard to do because it is my favourite movie of all time, EVER, is Labyrinth (1986). Jim Henson’s genius was totally unappreciated in this late-80s classic. David Bowie and his crotch are the main staying power of this cult hit. Also, it’s better to watch this movie without me in the room. I know EVERY word and have been told it’s a tad annoying when I talk with the movie. 3/5 coughs (for cult posterity.)

Coming up in third place is Hook (1991). Spielberg’s story of an adult Peter Pan going back to Neverland to face off with Captain Hook one last time was a movie I wore out on my parent’s VCR growing up. We had it recorded off of HBO onto a VHS tape along with Beverly Hills Cop, the latter I ignored because I was young and did not appreciate Eddie Murphy as I should have. The pairing of Robin Williams as Pan the Man and Dustin Hoffman as Hook is electrifyingly hilarious, Bob Hoskins as Smee will always be better than Disney could’ve ever hoped for, and the fact that William Lichter is Peter’s son just make this movie all around fun for the dysfunctional family. Also Dame Maggie Smith. 4/5 coughs.


And finally, in fourth place is another movie I never got to see in theatres because I wasn’t alive, is Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986). I know that it is commonly a movie for seniors in high school, especially once the weather is right and graduation is close, but this movie is also great when you’re ACTUALLY sick. Ferris, Cameron, and Sloane go on the adventure you wish you could’ve when you skipped school. They  went to a museum, they saw priceless works of art! They ate pancreas! Save Ferris. 4/5 coughs.

Honorable Mention Films: Aladdin (1992), Gone with the Wind (1939), Fifth Element (1997), all of The Lord of the Rings: Extended Editions (2001-2003)

Honorable (yet not mentioned) TV: The Price is Right and Maury

Let me know what your go-to movies are! I’m always looking to step up my Sick Day collection.

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