Socially Anti-Socialism and its Rise to Power

Socially Anti-Socialism and it’s rise to power didn’t happen over night. It started as a small movement that gained power over the years until it became a full-fledged way of life. It has had no real set leader and it’s doctrine varies from group to group, but the movement remains strong.

I was aware of the SAS movement going back to my early high school days though I didn’t become a member until my mid-twenties. In my early years, I thought that it was a movement with no real dogma to stand on. However, I quickly learned that this movement has been around for numerous years and its canon held  a firm foundation. Once I fully accepted what the SAS had to say, life became easier. It was like a warm hug you didn’t know you needed.

From 18 to 22 years old, I was like Scarlett O’Hara at Twelve Oaks, with a Rhett Butler drinking problem. I was skinny, pretty, loud, and thought I could hold my liquor better than booze-hardened veterans. I would go to parties mostly every night of the week, staying out way past my curfew, grasping at fleeting friendships like they were the end all be all. While the seed of anti-socialism had unknowingly been planted within me, I carried on as business as usual: sleep late, skip class, day drink, nap, party until 2-3am depending on how tired I was from a day of doing nothing.

I had my initiation into SAS in a rather unpleasant series of rituals. First I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder but declined treatment, I had many unsuccessful/unhealthy relationships, and I was entering the land of alcoholism with no plans to return. I will spare the thorny details, but at 23-years-old, the last initiation ritual took place. I was kicked out of the vocational school I was attending, my best friend from high school decided that I was no longer worth being friends with, I was having to drink MORE than what I was to get drunk, everyone I knew either hated me or had something unkind to say and I felt unwelcome at the old haunts, and I was just downright insane for refusing treatment for so long.

I’m speaking of course of the realization that I was in fact a person who could float between both worlds of raucous shindigs all the while dreaming of the moment you can go back to your Cave of Solitude where fat pants are the required dress code.

It was not a realization that I came to on my own. I began to feel awkward being at social gatherings, but still I went to keep up appearances and maintain fake friendships. The kind that you only put up with because at this point you know too much about each other and you know all the same people. I would have some definition of fun but felt relieved when I finally made it home and could take off my costume. I saw the SAS propaganda everywhere and it was starting to make a pretty good pitch. And I decided to listen.

I had two people in my life finally tell me that it was time to stop what I was doing and get help. One came from the man-child I was dating before I met James. He was the final straw of unhealthy/unsuccessful relationships: on our first “date” he offered me ‘Shrooms and said, “Wanna get weird?” I should’ve taken that as hint–as well as the fact that he had been Facebook stalking me for months WHILE HAVING A GIRLFRIEND–but he was cute and I was drunk, so there we are. *Note: I did NOT want to get weird. Ultimately we broke up via text message and he told me I was crazy and needed to see a therapist. Nice parting gift, right? The other person who helped me see the light was my sister, Paige. She put her Medical Degree foot down and demanded that I go see someone. What followed next was a series of trial and error with medicines and doctors.

I finally had become a full-fledged member of SAS by May 2013. I stayed home, lived on Tumblr, Netflix and my bed were my besties, and the thought of going out and making a social connection with anyone was downright terrifying. The embrace of my new club was welcoming and exactly what I needed. I was 24. Fast forward 4 years and here I sit at 27, almost 28, and I feel like a Scout showing off her merit badges.

Socially Anti-Socialists are simple folk. We enjoy a good outing with a small amount of friends every now and then, the comfort of our homes, and our constant companion: the bed. It’s all in the manual and luckily it doesn’t read like stereo instructions. Though there can be missing parts or something left out, like Ikea furniture. You’re functional but missing something. The SAS is always on the lookout for new members but you have to find them on your own.




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