How to Not Get Yelled at on the Phone in the South

I have noticed during the 3 years I have been a professional phone answerer that I recieve a much better reaction from callers if I use a slightly less annoying southern accent. Callers are less likely to yell at me and I only mildly hate myself while I talk.

This does not apply however when speaking to, pardon the parlance, Yankees. When speaking to someone from above the Mason-Dixon Line, I switch back to how I actually talk and things usually go well. They tend to be a tad bit high strung and prefer to not have the flourish of niceties and “how ya doin'” K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid)

I also get a lot of callers, geographical region not needed, who cry while on the phone. This instantly sends me into two main feelings:

  • Please stop, this is very awkward for me
  • I am sorry for your troubles, but please don’t start yelling when I have to transfer you

In short, politeness and a hint of Scarlett O’Hara goes a long way but also remember to keep your short and aloof-like voice in your back pocket for when necessary.


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