Culture for the Uncultured Swine

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, or “The Met” as it is commonly known, was founded in 1870. The permanent collection at the Met contains over 2 million works of art. Highlights of the collection include American decorative arts, arms and armor, costumes, Egyptian art, musical instruments, and photographs, along with much more. The Cloisters in northern […]

via Metropolitan Museum of Art — Virtual Class Trip

This is one of the museums that I was DYING to see when James and I decided to go to New York City for our honeymoon. I love art and I love history, why not combine both? It’s like the chocolate and peanut butter of the art world; peas and carrots for all you health nuts out there.

Pro Tips for the Met:

  • It opens at 10am and there will be a line. Get there early if you can.
  • I learned this the hard way, but wear comfortable shoes. This not only applies to the Met but to all of NYC. I know those flats go with that outfit, but your feet will thank you later for deciding to go with your ugly trainers.
  • Some rooms in the Met do not allow flash photography and they will tell you so.
  • For those, like me, who can’t see all of the Met for whatever reason (mine were my shitty flat feet) I recommend buying the Metropolitan Museum of Art Guide. It’s like reading the headline but not the article. img_1465It’s filled with the pieces of art at the Met as well as the clothing exhibit (which I am still pissed that I didn’t get to see–DAMN YOU, FEET!!) and the things that aren’t on display.
  • DEFINITELY get the Map of the Met. If not, you’re going to feel like you’re lost in the Labyrinth and David Bowie will actually get to turn your baby brother into a goblin.

Truthfully, it was an amazing experience and I am thankful that I saw what I saw. I was primarily focused on the Impression room, Van Gogh being my favorite. Fuck Monet (how many damn waterlilies am I going to forced to look at, seriously?!)

It was also a great time for me to show off my art history skills to James. He knows that I am planning on going back to school to study this and it felt pretty awesome to walk to certain paintings and point out the artist, movement, and title of the painting to him. Admittedly, he did tune me out sometimes; I did get kind of annoying there for a minute.

I do have photos from our visit and if the mood strikes, drop me a line and I’ll post a few. I will leave you with one of my favorite pieces:

Self-Portrait with a Straw Hat (observe: The Potato Peeler)
Vincent Van Gogh ( Dutch, Zundert 1853-1890 Auvers-sur-Oise
1887, Oil on canvas

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