An Ode to All the Books I Haven’t Read Yet..

“Dear Literature, Thank you for keeping us entertained, making us think, showing us other worlds, and offering glorious distraction when reality has us freaking out. What would we do without you? We love you forever. Signed, Readers”

via A Thank-You Note to Books in General (And Our 27 Current Favorites Specifically) — Discover

Everyone has their own kryptonite: booze, gambling, doing the laundry.. My self destruction comes in the form of books. I love the smell of books, holding books, and you know, reading them is also a perk too. I have a nasty habit (my husband’s words, not mine) of going into bookstores “just to look around” and coming out an hour later with 6 books. Of course I plan to read them–in between my many re-readings of Harry Potter–but most specifically: those books NEEDED to come home with me. I saved them! I’m giving them a good home and a stable environment to flourish. No longer will they sit on the shelf, lonely and unopened. No longer will they be picked up only to be reshelved in an entirely different section. I am the fucking Mother Teresa of books.

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